Benefits of Massage Chair for the Elderly

benefits of massage chair

Massage chairs can be used to have a massage, reflexology, and shiatsu and improve blood circulation to treat back pain, joint pain, especially when weather usually changes daily or seasonally which cause pain, numbness, and fatigue for the joints.

Massage chairs for the elderly are designed to suit every shape. Using automatically smart rollers detects the acupuncture points and combines with massage movements such as pinching, vibrations and kneading. Deep massage in the area of ​​ pain such as neck shoulder aches, back pain due to osteoarthritis, pain in the heel and so on.

How to select a massage chair for the elderly? Because the body of the elderly has weak bone structure, so they should choose the type of massage chairs with gentle massage. Moreover, it is important to detect precise acupuncture points with high accuracy. Massage chairs’ quality must be good to avoid the risks in the process of massage. I will go in detail on the features and how to treat osteoarthritis pain for the elderly.

benefits of massage chair

  1. Treatment neck and shoulder pain

Treatment of neck pain: Massage chairs have pressing, punching and rubbing rollers to massage gently around the neck region which helps to feel relaxed and soothe the pain. At the same time, the neck is heated up to melt the pain and fatigue and improve blood circulation in neck.

Treatment of shoulders pain: Massage chair airbag delivering pressurized air to small pouches located in the shoulder of the massage chair. Shoulders are relaxed. The tissues are soft and two arms are relieved. It helps improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

  • Melt aches or pains in the muscles and bones in the neck, shoulder, back, waist, hips, thighs, legs and feet.
  • Two functions: massage each area, and massage concentration in one location
  • Airbag massage for neck, back, hips, calves, feet
  • Adjust the angle of the chair.
  • Adjust the intensity during massage
  • Some massage chairs for the elderly has stretch function for ankles and lumbar massage.
  1. Treatment of back pain due to osteoarthritis, low back pain.

As we become older, back pain often occur. As a result, they feel uneasy, uncomfortable inside. Also, the constant pain each day makes elderly feel insecure, lack of appetite, difficult to sleep and wipes the smile of their face.

Massage chair was designed to support, treat, and minimize back pain, relieve anxiety for the elderly with functions such as:

  • The hip of seat vibrates gently to minimize lower back pain.
  • Optical sensors help find exactly the important acupuncture points.
  • 3D Roller massages along the back and offers customization on height as well as the width of the rollers.
  • Stretching gently enough is suitable for weak body of the elderly. So, they feel lumbar spine is stretched to minimize discomfort of constant pain, especially spinal degeneration in the elderly.
  1. Treatment of foot and heel pain in the elderly:

At the age of 60, Foot pain and foot disorders are common complaints among older people. Painful discomfort, especially when standing up, has affected the movement in the elderly.

Massage chairs have focused on reflexology soles, able to detect the exact acupuncture points:

  • The pros of the massage rollers are to detect exact acupuncture points and combine with airbags to massage and knead the soles of the foot. The foot pain of the elderly would have dropped significantly and the soreness will disappear.
  • The exercises stretch and massage the calf, soles of the feet gently which make the legs gently and comfortably.