9 Ways to Make Your Work Easier

Busy work makes us forget the simple things that can help arouse excitement. Here is the simplest way for you to “charging” fast without taking much caffeine or needing loyalty membership cards of the café shop.

Work Easier

  1. Start working days with exercise

You may worry that exercise will make your morning tired, but real, physical activity and promoting active circulatory system will make you start your day better. After the exercise, do not forget to recharge with a very hearty breakfast. So are you ready for a new day!

  1. Take a nap for 20 minutes

Surely you wouldn’t want to be caught by your colleagues when you are asleep on the desk. However, many studies show that a nap will help you re-energize the whole day. Some companies like Zappos, Google, Nike pay attention to the study of sleep and encourage employees to take a nap to get back to work more efficiently. Even some companies also arrange the massage chair in the rest area for employees and encourage them to use.

  1. Don’t let negative emotions dominate your thought

The negative emotions will make you tired, cause distraction and deplete your energy, regardless of feelings involving colleagues or someone else. We often think that we can ignore those emotions, but in fact, we often try to cover up problems, not solve them. Please set up a list of things which make you upset and take the time to solve one by one until the list is gone. You will soon find yourself being plus time each day.

  1. 15 minutes of laughter each day

Laughter is a stimulant of natural energy. The endorphins your body produces when you laugh are as good as when you do exercise. Read the funny story, watch funny video clips on YouTube. Chat with your co-workers to spread your humor. You will make the atmosphere around you happy, more comfortable and help everyone relax. This is especially good at about 2:30 pm, when the working atmosphere in the office is often backed down.

  1. Walk for 15 minutes

Sometimes you need to leave your chair, take your eyes off the computer screen which mean you are able to refresh both your body and mind. Don’t carry your mobile phone. Take a walk, stretch and breathe the fresh air.

  1. Read jokes during lunch time

Another way to help you relax during lunch time is reading the jokes. They not only help you relax your mind, regenerate energy and arouse confidence, optimism to help you come back to work.

  1. Resolve disagreements with your boss and co-workers

Concerns about the discord will make you tired and distracted. Don’t ignore the facts and please address each one. The trick is how you discuss. If you exchange openly, sympathetically and cleverly, you will create a closer bond with your coworkers, boss. The good relationships in the workplace will make your workday easier.

  1. 15 minutes talking to friend

Your day will become happier when spending time with close friends. Whether you want to ask your friend’s health or you want to open your heart to your friend. Connection with a friend gives you more energy and support to continue fighting with the work. Moreover, it is amazing as your friend also get pleasure from this connection.

  1. Love your job

If you hate your current job, there is no way or any cup of coffee to make you forget about boredom. Let yourself get paid for the job you love. Life is short and you should enjoy the fun every day, even at work.